Smart Grid Initiative Project

Smart Grid Initiative Project

MEAG Power

Commonwealth was selected to plan and manage engineering, procurement, and construction services for 128 Smart Grid substation projects over a 3-year period. Serving as MEAG Power’s project manager, our responsibilities include assigning work to the consultants and MEAG Power staff, purchasing equipment and materials, coordinating construction and commissioning, contributing to progress reports submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy, and performing other services required to keep the project running smoothly.

In the engineering phase, Commonwealth completed initial site assessments at each site that was to be upgraded. This consisted of an inventory of existing equipment, configuration, and conditions at each site with an emphasis on discovering as many unknowns as possible before scoping the details of engineering, procurement, and construction. This gave Commonwealth an opportunity to resolve many of the issues and provided a means for establishing the demarcation of scope between Smart Grid items and those that fell within normal station projects.

Recognizing the importance of good communication throughout the project, Commonwealth developed a project website that serves as a distribution mechanism and repository for project documents, status reports, and other pertinent project information. Security levels are maintained to control delivery of appropriate information to each project participant.

Risk assessment is also an important part of the project. Commonwealth evaluated risks, such as material lead times, summer peak outage requirements, and continuity of construction operations and developed general action plans for each high-priority risk that could have affected the project outcome.

Having a strong project manager that lead weekly team meetings and kept us all on task was critical to the success of this project.

Diane C. Wilkie
Director of Safety, Education, and Quality

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