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Our comprehensive approach ensures that your project is seamlessly connected to the grid, enabling reliable and efficient electricity transmission for your facility.

From microgrids to large-scale interstate transmission projects, we are the interconnection experts. We have the knowledge and capability to connect systems across various voltage levels, from 23 kV up to 500 kV. We are equipped to conduct transmission screening studies, which help identify optimal points of interconnection to the grid and estimate the potential power injection into areas requiring no transmission facility upgrades.

Through careful analysis, our experts can develop a one-line diagram outlining conceptual interconnection facilities. As part of our assessment, we observe base case flows and identify any potential system overloads that may occur under normal operating conditions. Additionally, we review the generation interconnection queue to identify any competing projects in the vicinity that could impact the transmission system. 

With a proven track record, we have successfully undertaken projects involving wind, solar, and biomass generators, positioning us well to meet your specific grid interconnection project needs. Our team can identify the existing transmission infrastructure that may be limiting the transmission capacity, and we can accurately calculate the gross cost estimates required for upgrading these facilities. 

From conducting preliminary assessments and feasibility studies to securing necessary permits and approvals, Commonwealth is your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

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