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Our services run the gamut from studies, siting, and permitting to detailed design, collector stations, system protection, and specialty areas like islanded microgrids and grid interconnect applications for all U.S. RTOs.

Still in the assessment phase? We can analyze interconnections, load impacts, roadblocks to approval, protection, short circuits, harmonics, environmental impacts, siting, required permits, and more. Linking a renewable source to the grid? We are experienced with solar, BESS, EV, alternative energy, and wind technologies. Ready to build? We design collector stations, tie-lines, and everything in between. 

We specialize in interconnecting microgrids with the main grid, ensuring protection and resilience through studies on short circuits and harmonics. Commonwealth excels in designing and engineering solar collector systems and is at the forefront of integrating technologies like BESS, EVs, and alternative energy sources. 

Our patent-pending MicroRupter technology provides an innovative approach to microgrid protection. Commonwealth consults cooperatives, utilities, commercial clients, universities, and developers—using advanced modeling and analysis tools to determine feasibility and stability and help you market power back to the grid. 

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