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Commonwealth has dedicated staff who perform transient stability and related studies as part of our NERC transmission compliance services.

Our electrical systems studies group and departmental engineers combine their skills to ensure the right testing is done in conjunction with detailed design efforts. 

We perform transient and dynamic stability studies whenever a generator, transmission line, or other major facility is added to a transmission system. We help owners determine if updated network configurations might lead to stability problems should a fault occur. 

Our transient stability (TS) program computes solutions for up to 30 seconds, analyzing the system’s stability after the first swing.  TS is also useful for studying motor starting, setting, and generator and load shedding relays.

Related studies include:

  • Power-flow and Short Circuit Studies
  • Switching and Transient Analysis
  • Transmission System Reliability Analysis (TPL)
  • Facility Ratings & Documentation (FAC)
  • Model Development- Exciter & Governor, FACTS Devices (MOD)
  • Protection (PRC)
  • Model Validation Against Actual Events
  • Compliance Reports & Documentation, Mock Audits, and Audit Preparation

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