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System faults must be isolated from the system dependably and securely for public safety and to minimize equipment damage and loss of load.

P&C scoping and design, relay settings, NERC compliance, event analysis, or protection coordination studies—Commonwealth has the expertise to help your organization operate its electrical systems and grids securely and safely while managing ever-evolving risks.  With an in-house relay lab and automation tools, we delve into possible scenarios and build resilience into your system. 

Our veteran industry experts know the latest standards for renewable integrations, microgrids, smart grid functions, fault analysis, protective relay settings, load analysis, IEC 61850 design, NERC compliance, SCADA design, and more. They are proficient in the software to design protection for your project or existing infrastructure. Our design engineers and studies experts work to identify the right technologies and strategies to optimize relay settings and communication networks so system faults have minimal effect. 

We have successfully tested, designed, consulted, audited, and implemented P&C solutions for the nation’s largest utilities, universities, industrial customers, co-ops, independent power producers, and new renewable energy developers. No project is too big or too small. 

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