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Implementing a plant or facility modification or overseeing a capital project involves meticulous scope, schedule, and budget management to ensure successful execution.

Whether constructing a new power plant, upgrading an existing facility to enhance efficiency and extend its lifespan, or aiming to meet evolving government regulations, our power generation and energy specialists are equipped to tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

With extensive experience in power plant design and modifications, we deliver successful projects across fuel sources—from gas and fossil to renewable energy. Our expertise spans all major components and systems, encompassing boilers, steam turbines, rotating equipment, heat rejection equipment, and air pollution control equipment. We excel in designing balance-of-plant, civil, structural, and utility systems. 

We understand the challenges owners face, such as operating and upgrading within confined spaces, fixed budgets, regulatory approvals, and organizational requirements. We can phase projects to align with planned outages and accommodate existing utilities, campus schedules, or infrastructure limitations. At Commonwealth, we guide you through every phase of your project with a dedicated team of experts who will consult regularly and manage the scope, schedule, and budget to guarantee successful completion.

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