Commonwealth 245 West Michigan Avenue,
Jackson, MI 49201

Our environmental specialists delve into your project’s specific circumstances and provide optimal solutions, focusing on schedule, compliance, and cost to keep your project running as smoothly as possible.

We jointly develop a plan to protect the environment while achieving your project goals. We help you minimize the overall impacts of construction on the natural and human environment while avoiding unreasonable costs and design requirements.

We recognize the complex nature of environmental compliance and regulations at all levels. Our team can help you identify potential roadblocks during the conceptual phase, select the best site or route among multiple choices, and apply for needed permits at the right stage. 

We perform wetland delineations, rare and endangered species studies, protected habitat evaluations, marsh assessments, historical and cultural artifacts evaluations, SWPPP compliance analysis, and visual impact assessments. In-house GIS mapping capabilities help us deliver comprehensive, accurate mapping and spatial analysis to inform strategic decision-making.

At Commonwealth, we recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and the need to balance development and conservation. 

Experience the power of partnership.

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