Whether you are looking to audit your building, system, or security, Commonwealth can help. Our experts evaluate, audit, and review the space that you are looking to build or upgrade. We can help you have the most efficient and reliable space that you possibly can. Through preparing, analyzing, and reviewing, Commonwealth will figure out the best option to optimize your energy efficiency and security for that space or system.

There is an increased concern for security in the industry, but that does not have to be a concern for you. Commonwealth will evaluate and audit your current security measures for your company and its assets. Audits can be performed for physical security and for cybersecurity. Our consultants will recommend future security systems or structures that will ease your mind about security of your company.

We will review previous performance, current performance, and our consultants will recommend options for beneficial future performance of your building or system.

Any concerns about the previous state, current state, or what the future looks like for the building or system, Commonwealth will work with you to find an ideal solution. We provide an unbiased and thorough report of the audit and many recommendations of options available for our clients to continue to be successful.

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This service was applied to the following solution(s):

Dearborn Industrial Generation Expansion Development

Commonwealth, as Owner’s Engineer, assisted CMS Enterprises with development of a project that would add 230 MW of combustion turbine capacity at their existing facility. The facility in Dearborn, MI…

Wabash Blissfield Ethanol Plant 138 kV Transmission Line Design

Commonwealth designed a new wood 138 kV transmission line 4.5 miles in length. Private easements were purchased for right-of-way and tree trimming. In addition, routing and permitting services were rendered…

University of Michigan Central Power Plant Life Safety Study

University of Michigan needed a life safety study performed on their Central Power Plant to ensure proper safety measures are met. Commonwealth was responsible for comprehensive field observations, analysis and…

We are committed, both as a firm, and as individuals to influencing and shaping the secure energy future.

Gary Bernstein, P.E.
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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